Perfect item to help my night kayaking

Hello there readers, long time no see. After last post I had to buy a new computer, somehow I forgot about the website until now. That’s what getting old does your to your brain hehe. Anyways, I hope you guys have had a great year. I know that a lot of people found 2016 to be a terrible year and I fully understand why, Trump got elected, lots of terrorist attacks and the whole refugee situation. I don’t want to come of as mean, but personally I had a really good year, especially when it comes to kayaking. I explored so many new spots around the country and lost a substantial amount of weight too. Couldn’t be happier.

Today I’m not going to ramble about politics or any other world events but rather my passion and hobby, kayaking. Seeing as I live in California, I am not really bound to the weather like most other people are. Taking my kayak for a spin in December is actually quite pleasant, I can imagine for the folks in the east coast it must be different. One thing that does annoy me a little though is the darkness. I love those long summer nights during the summer, I can be outside and paddle all day. But during the winter it’s dark around 6 o’clock which is way too early for me.

To fix this little issue I decided to get myself a headlamp. At first I was thinking of a flashlight that I could mount on my boat somehow but quickly decided against it. I found a website called the Theflashlightexpert which talked about the brightest headlamps, I can say their article grabbed my attention right away. I hadn’t thought about headlamps up until that point if I’m going to be honest. But when thinking about it, a headlamp is so much better. It allows me to paddle my kayak with both hands and not worry about dropping the light into the water.

I have since then bought a 575┬álumen headlamp which has probably been used over 200 times last year alone. For me personally, it wasn’t very important with a long reaching beam but rather how much of a floodlight it was. I get it, some people enjoy having the ability to light up objects far away. But for me, it doesn’t really make any sense. I mean I need to see the surroundings close by, so a wide light is always preferred.

If you want to read more about the headlamp I got, I can recommend checking out the Petzl NAO. It’s pretty cool looking and works great, however the price tag might be a little too much for some. You might get lucky and get it for sale, I bought mine for $175.

That’s all I had to say for today, hopefully I will remember to update my blog more often from now on. Stay safe out there!

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