My crazy new idea

Hey everyone, if you’re at my age you don’t always have the time or energy to go to the gym. I mean, I don’t even close to a gym yet so that’s a problem too. I think I have to drive at least an hour or so to get to the closest gym where I live. Yes I live out in the wilderness, but that’s pretty obvious isn’t it?

So anyway, recently I found a good way to get in better shape by almost not doing anything. Sounds crazy right? Well what I’m about to reveal might change your life, or maybe not, depends on how strong you are. The secret is called a weighted vest. I stumbled across a great website¬†that had plenty of information regarding weighted clothing and such. Up until that point, I had really no idea that a weighted vest could be such a good idea for getting stronger and becoming healthier. While a lot of people used weighted clothing in combination with ordinary exercises, you have to remember that I’m pretty old. I can’t do all those crazy body weights exercises everyone does nowadays. An article on this site talked about the pros and cons of wearing a vest all day and it had me intrigued. Not only does it improve your bone density, something which is highly important for old folks like me, it also builds strength and muscle. It just seems like a win-win scenario in my eyes, I’ve yet to see any downsides but I just can’t come up with any. Can you?

There are of course risk with this method, I mean wearing additional weight ALL DAY is not good for you body, even worse when you are older. So my plan is to start really slow, I mean really slow, and increase the weight gradually. I don’t have that much muscle to begin with so I think that a simple 20 pound vest will probably do me just fine. Because I live in the wilderness and have plenty of “farm work” to do each day, having that vest on me will probably provide a nice workout I imagine.

One thing that bothers me though, is the fact that I cannot gain any benefits from the vest if I were to paddle. Since I’m basically using my arms most of the time all that additional weight won’t do me any good. I’m thinking if some weighted arm sleeves or wrist weights could be the answer for this? I mean just imagine having two weights on your hands when you paddle, you must become sore in seconds! I think I’m going to buy myself a pair to see how they perform, or rather… How I perform haha! I’m sure I will feel the burn very quick, but who knows, maybe I’ll get strong and big arms like those super heroes?

If anyone has ever tried a weighted vest before, could you please let me know what you think of it? Do you think it’s a good idea to wear it all day, even if I adjust the weights gradually? Answer in the comments down below!

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