Cats are awesome

I just want to say that I absolutely love cats! I’ve spent my entire weekend with my brothers cat, called Lee. I don’t know what race it is, but it’s 9 years old but still looks like a little kitten. Very cute.

My brother knows I love kayaking so I kindly asked him if he wouldn’t mind if I took Lee for a little ride. Of course he agreed to it! Lee loves the outdoor actually, it’s not uncommon for my brother to bring along Lee on his hiking trips in the mountains. Usually he puts Lee in his backpack, that way Lee wont get tired and neither will he have to worry about him running away.

So I was very excited when I got the green light from my brother. Because I’ve never paddled a kayak with a cat on board I decided to head down to a very calm lake, so I could try things out with Lee and see how it all works out. My biggest fear would be that his claws would puncture the hull of my kayak, so I brought along a couple of towels which I put down all over the kayak floor.

I got quite the looks when I arrived at the beach with Lee. People were curious what I was going to do with Lee and my kayak, because they’ve never seen a cat that likes to be close to the water. Hah! You guys don’t know Lee, he’s a cool cat and loves adventure. Inflated my kayak, put down all the towels and asked Lee to jump in. He did it without hesitation.

We paddled out a bit to see how Lee would handle everything. Now remember I’m by no means a cat whisperer or anything close to that, but I am pretty darn sure Lee enjoyed sitting on my cat while I paddled. He was so calm he even started to purr, I guess it’s hard to not like paddling!

We spent the entire on the lake, he even got up and looked around. He seemed to be generally excited and was actually looking around enjoying the environment. I can tell you one thing for sure, this is not the last time I am bringing Lee with me. Next time I will probably even wear my Schrodinger Cat Shirt to make Lee feel a little bit more comfortable.

Introduction post

Hello everyone, my name is Jan Hoth.

I am an older guy that loves to be move and be active. My biggest passion in life is kayaking and spending time on the ocean, in my total life I must’ve spent at least 10,000 hours out at sea paddling various kinds of kayaks. It might sound like a whole lot, but you got to remember I am probably a lot older than most people reading this.

I plan on updating this blog at least once a week, or so I hope at least! I’ve never been very much into writing, but lately I’ve gotten this strange urge create myself a blog. Maybe I just need to get things of my brain, and what better way to do it than a blog? Now please bare in mind, I am not the most competent writer. I just barely passed my English class in High School and have only written occasionally since then. Thankfully I have auto correct on my computer which will help me, at least a little bit!

So a little bit about myself. I’m now retired and spend most of my days kayaking the coasts of Great Britain. My plan is to kayak around Scotland and hopefully Ireland the next following years. But due to my age and my limited mobility, I cannot go out as often as I’d like. Back in the day I used to paddle regular hard shell kayaks, but nowadays I’ve moved to inflatable kayaks instead. You probably wonder why anyone would choose an inflatable kayak over a hard one. Well first and foremost, inflatables are a lot easier to store and transport. I can actually fit my inflatable kayak underneath my bed, and no it’s not a small one either, it’s about 14 foot in length. This also allows me to put it in my small car, I don’t have a roof rack so it makes it really cumbersome to transport large things, like a hard shell kayak for example.

I also found that inflatable kayaks handle just as good as regular ones, I have no problem keeping up with my friends for example. Sure, there are some cheaper models that do not paddle as well as the more expensive ones, but I got an expensive one so that doesn’t apply to me. 😉 If you are interested in getting one yourself I can highly recommend this site It’s a good friend of mine who has written that article, he has years of experience so you can be sure you’re getting top advice.

Hopefully this will be a great summer for kayaking, that way I’ll get to spend loads of time out on the open sea, enjoying and living the life.